About Us

The ESCR is a registered Canadian charity whose purpose is to assist refugees, immigrants and migrants to make Hamilton their home.

Our Mission

The ESCR is a Hamilton-based registered charity that provides emergency loans and gifts to at risk immigrants, refugees and other migrants.

Our Vision

A welcoming community where immigrants, refugees and all migrants find security and belonging.

Our Values

  • Human Rights and Justice
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equality
  • Respect, Compassion and Dignity
  • Safety

Our History

The ESCR was founded in 1987 as a cooperative response by churches and community groups to meet the unique needs of refugees, immigrants and migrants who make Hamilton their home. 

As a registered Canadian charity, the ESCR plays a vital role in facilitating the process of family re-unification and the full participation of New Canadians  into our community. 

Our Team

  • Maria Antelo – Chair
  • Nora Melara-Lopez – Coordinator
  • Ragad Abdellatif – Director
  • Jennifer Hompoth – Director

  • Alex Matheson – Director
  • Yuri Varela Jr. – Director
  • Phillipe Lamarche – Co-Treasurer
  • Mary Anne Peters – Secretary; Co-Treasurer